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Special ERP Solutions And Services.

Oratech ERP And Software Technology company is offering the distinct systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) and also organized the GRP (Government resources planning Systems) which are considered the leading providers of integrated solutions in Egypt and the Middle East planning systems, and since 1987 we help our customers to build and improve the performance of the various departments of the institution through the numerous reports that are extracted from systems that help departments at all levels in the speed of decision-making, including helping to build the right decisions.
Each of the systems the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) and the GRP (Government Resource Planning Systems) has been built on Oracle databases and development tools because of its characteristic strength and stability of many features unique to Oracle and as a company based Oracle global partner "Oracle Golden Partner"
You may also run the systems and extract any reports of them from anywhere in the world and according to the authorities because it is running Web Application, while ensuring confidentiality, and safety in the operation, which does not allow Login only through the powers of certain conditions, and once logged on the internet may link between the branches and extract any branch reports from the branches for any fiscal year or a particular fiscal period, he also bilingual systems, multi-companies, branches, users and the privileges. Also there is an integrated confidentiality system

Distinct Services.

ORATECH ERP And Software Technology Company Offers latest specialized programs that meet all the special needs of commercial, industrial and service of HR by means of a stronger system for the development of the business operating with highest and stronger global databases, a system Oratech ERP running on databases (ORACLE), which designed and implemented at the hands of the most powerful Consultants and has customers the success of the past 28 years as the technical support department to provide stronger support for the client on the clock because the system is working to (WEB based) and this was one of the reasons that contributed to the enjoyment of our high rate of success of the systems is provide direct technical support dedicated to customer service and overcome all the obstacles crews at startup and cooperate closely with the operators until they are giving them the necessary expertise to rely on themselves and their burdens implementation of the system to the fullest.

Web Solutions
Web Development , Design and Marketing.

Web Design / Development

Professional design company offering a variety of services from basic Website  and Web Applications  to complete e-commerce website development. We have created and launched hundreds of successful websites since our inception, For several different types of businesses. Our web team  have the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style. With our training and knowledge of current web standards and practices we have the ability to turn your ideas into reality .

Manage Online advertising

There are two types of E-Marketing :

1- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We provide search engine optimization service that provide top placement in search engines. In order for a website to succeed online it first needs to find its way into many if not all of the popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, AOL, Lycos, MSN, WebCrawler Etc.) insuring that all your potential customers can easily find and access your web pages. This is accomplished by proper SEO.

2- Social Media Optimization (SMO)

This service is focused primarily on the social networking pages and management in particular, "Facebook"
These include:
- A general daily publications fit the company's vision on the page to ensure that communication and interaction with Members.
- Create Congratulates publications holidays and occasions.
- Create Promotional publications and induction of the company's products.
- Create publications include specialized tips to customers.
- The design of all forms of publications that need special logo and colors of the company approved design.



1 - Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of SQL using Oracle Database technology.

2 - Database Administrators
Each database requires at least one database administrator (DBA) to administer it. Because an Oracle database system can be large and can have many users, often this is not a one person job. In such cases, there is a group of DBAs who share responsibility.
An Oracle site can assign one or more application administrators to administrate a particular application. Each application can have its own administrator.

3 – Oracle Standard developer (Forms And Reports)
In this scale we are the only company in the Arabic area which make a special training in Oracle Development tools according to the trainees needs, which is insure the trainee will be use this tools with the full power, not according the Oracle training documentations and a lot of training centers, and the trainee will make a life project alone.
According to our roles in training policies, we make training for the following :
a – Oracle Database SQL.
b. Oracle Developer PLSQL.
c. Forms (Last Release).
d. Reports (Last Release).


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